Nieuw Zeelander Blake Dykstra rijdt NK Stockcar

Aanstaande zondag rijdt de Nieuw Zeelander Blake Dykstra en hieronder stel hij zich zelf voor in het Engels en onderaan nog wat fotos.

My name is Blake Dykstra. I come from New Zealand, where I race a superstock with my brother as the Sons of Oropi race team. We began racing superstocks in 2016, with a family passionate about stockcars.

I met Martin Bijlsma in 2018/19. He was travelling around New Zealand and, attracted by the Frisian flag flying on their cars, found himself with the Dykstra Racing team who took him under their wing and eventually he found himself steering one of their race cars.

My Dutch/ Frisian heritage has seen me living here in the Netherlands with my wife since last year, working, travelling, seeing family and friends. 

Of course we caught up with Martin and his Family. When the opportunity to race in the Netherlands was talked about I jumped at the opportunity and can not thank the Bijlsmas enough! They have been incredibly accomodating and welcoming and I can t wait to experience the racing here on Dutch soil in one of these big block beasts

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Blake Dykstra

Met dank aan TWSP

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